Manual Physical Therapy Clinic in Asheville

I had hip problems that were exacerbated by riding.  After going through the Bike Fit process with Kate, some bike adjustments were made.  These changes resulted in a profound improvement in riding comfort.  I no longer experience hip pain that riding my bike cause.  I'm so grateful for Kate! - Heather Brooks

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 Specializing in Orthopedic Manual Therapy

GOLD Bike PT Certified

  • Modify your bike to correct any body ailments
  • Reduce pain while cycling so may ride longer
  • Every cyclist is different and requires different modifications
  • Requires one hour appointment 225.00 dollars

The BikePT Fit assessment addresses how the rider and bicycle meet for different surface conditions.  This process involves bringing in your bike.  You are observed pedaling your bike, precise measurements are taken and adjustment are made in order to reduce pain and ride more efficiently.